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Lloyd Dennis


Sometimes I am accused of being a philosopher.
Never intended to be one but always thought it was important to think about everything... particularly before I did or said something. "Why I do" and "How I do" and "Who I do" are just as important as and often determine "What I do". So, yes, I am intentional about everything I do, allowing for lapses of habits. So I tend to go deep, beyond everyday assumptions and never think that "that's how we've been doing it" s justification for continuing to do it that way, while I've become wise enough to appreciate that there may be very good reasons that something has been done a certain way for a long time, so I deeply respect Tradition, but I will still analyze why a tradition exist, or the potential risk of of change. So, while the only way to improve something is to change it, not all change is improvement. So all my thinking is intentional and deep but mellowed, like fine red wine.. hopefully as good to you and as good for you.

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Love Doctor Podcasts

The Love Doctor Show is broadcast Thursdays from 6PM to 7PM Central Time on WBOK 1230 AM in New Orleans, and is available internationally online at wbok1230am.com.

The Love Doctor Show is dedicated to helping people understand how to get together, stay together and raise wonderful children. This comes from a life which has succeeded in all three: 46 years of marriage, building a family business, a growing mentoring program and three grown and gone children who are doing quite well on their own. We created this podcast so you can have access to time tested insights about loving and living clearly communicated in each and every Love Doctor show. Know better and live better!

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Truth About American Greatness

All this talk about "Making America Great Again" is clearly by people who don't have a clue about the reality of what they call American Greatness. Chapter 1 was slavery, but then there was the rest of the story.

So, I'm, committed to not be a dinosaur, and that is why I'm doing these video podcast. The truth is that so many of the people we would like to reach do not engage with the printed word, so we adapt. My hope is that those who came to me via reading will also enjoy the video presentations. Its still unabridged Lloyd Dennis saying what he means and meaning what he says.