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What part do we play... every day... all day?

What part do we play... every day... all day?

C'mon are you really shocked and amazed? When will we realize that our public outrage means nothing to those who know they will still get our money (a lot of it for foolishness), don't have to worry about too many of us at election time and still be able to consume our time with distractions? Killing innocent black people isn't new, only now we have cell phones (often overly expensive) and the videos end up on face book. Used to be only the people in the neighborhood / family would know the truth, but now everyone gets to see. So, yes we will rightfully express hurt from the loss of human life and disgust about the situation that allows it. My question to all who feel that way is what are you going to change about you and what you do to force a change in the situation... everyday, all day!

That phrase "everyday, all day" is the heart of the issue. I maintain that a group of people who cannot provide for and protect their children, create employment, or make demands for fair treatment with political power instead of cries for "justice" need to make every decision about spending money, registering and voting and using their time like their and their children's lives depend on it. We have to be intentional in everything we do.

So, how can we expect the people who don't suffer from the problem to change if those suffering from the problem, themselves, refuse to change?

Imagine if we used the time we watch TV / hangout  to organize, attend meetings, work with children in the park, learn to read, learn a trade, improve our education, talk with our children... help someone. But, no we want to behave like people who have already achieved justice and equality. I'm sorry, but TV is more important to many of us than our world crumbling around us. As free people in America we can decide to invest our time rather than "chill", and if one person starts and others see, its called leadership. Real community leaders are not spokespersons on TV but people who are getting something done with other people following their lead. And we spend too much time talking about what to do like we all have to agree to get something started. Or worse talking about what someone (who is doing something) is not doing that they "ought to be doing", Negro please! You think that ought to be done, get one or two people that trust you and think the same and START! If it is worthwhile and works others will follow. Don't get me wrong, even I watch TV while I eat my dinner, or sometimes late night winding down from being busy. If all we have are our lives, then how we spend those lives will either add up to something or not. So we must all ask, what part do I play in nothing getting better in my community.

And before anyone goes there, I am not blaming the victims for the crime, but I am blaming those victims who live like they don't have a problem and like they are unnecessary to create change.

We create jobs for everyone but us. So, not everyone I do business with is black, but 65% - 75% are. As a result I was able to call a black master electrician who owns a business and get my nephew an opportunity, because I supported the electrician's wife's business. That's called networking. Yesterday I was in a black restaurant and saw a young black man being trained with patience and the assumption that he was going to "be alright". So, even I like Asian or Middle Eastern food every now and then, but I notice who is working there, so every now and then is the operative phrase. My AC guy is black and now friends, so are my lawyer, doctors, lawn care, painter, banker, dentist, insurance agents... and I get outstanding service and reasonable rates. I've gotten bad service from black people and white people, so don't give me that crap! This is not to hold my self up but to point out how much power we have to create economic power and jobs we can access. This also impacts political power because the more money our businesses have the more they can contribute to campaigns.

And not registering and voting is just crazy if you want police to stop killing us, and those that do to pay the price. DA's are elected. Chief's of Police are usually appointed by Mayors who are elected. No one can disclose who you voted for, but EVERY POLITICIAN CAN TELL IF YOU AND PEOPLE AROUND YOU VOTED AND HOW OFTEN YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS VOTE! That is a public record. Since getting into and staying in office only depends on people who vote, do you really think a protest changes anything if its not related to economics or voting power. So, I'm just wondering how many of the people expressing anger and protesting Alton Sterling's shooting vote on a regular basis.

So if we really want to have more power over what happens to us, then we have to live like that everyday... all day. We have to be intentional about every minute, every dime and every opportunity to flex our political muscle at the polls. Freedom is simply the responsibility and opportunity to use what you have to get what you want. The struggle is not over so what part will we each play... everyday... all day?

I rarely get mad, I get busy.