A Man Who Inspires People

Lloyd Dennis

Time Is Life

When I speak for young people, I'll ask, "How many of you have enough money to invest so you don't have to work?"

The response is always blank stares that mean "Uh, duh, none of us dude!"

I then, kind of nail their minds to the wall, "So that means that the only thing you have that you can invest in yourself is your time." The facial expressions generated by this brand new awareness of reality / responsibility are priceless. Just like those of so many of you grown folk who just raised your eyebrows in reflective self awareness of how you spend / invest your life. Oh, you never equated time with life. C'mon, now, isn't life measured in units of time, years, months, weeks, days, minutes and seconds?

Properly invested, time is a valuable and powerful asset. Time can be used to enhance oneself, community or others. You can invest it in things that pay dividends: gaining knowledge, learning new skills, building & strengthening relationships,  improving health, teaching, strengthening community, earning money, helping someone, experiencing new things and places, enjoying art and culture, creating art and culture... or you can have it consumed by activities that pay no dividends on your investment. You can watch television, play video games, listen to the same music over and over or follow celebrities, or spend time talking about those things and of course "chill".