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Lloyd Dennis

Why I Became An Emcee

I never intended to become an emcee. I don't ever remember a childhood moment when I looked up on stage and felt like that was my dream... but somebody has to do it (will explain). Its funny, but that sound's like how I've spent a lot of my life, just filling voids.

My work with children started like that. Kids in my Lincolnshire Marrero neighborhood, when I was a young married man, knocked on the door and asked if I would be their basketball coach because they couldn't be in the park league unless they had a coach over 21. I learned later that Frances Montgomery, founder of the MLK community center had put them up to it. Didn't know a damned thing about coaching basketball, but read John Wooden's book, and ran a penetrating guard offense and made it to the semi final that year.

That led to involvement with the Urban Leagues youth programs, going into the classroom for several years to fill the black male teacher void. Couldn't afford to stay though. We really need to pay teachers so we can keep some full grown men at schools.

OK, back to the emcee thing. It just rubbed me wrong how great artist in New Orleans took the stage without introduction, no fanfare, no acknowledgment of talent or anticipation of a great show, I mean WTF! So, one evening at the Prime Example I just took it upon my self to go to the mike and introduce Nicholas Payton. To me it was sacrilegious that such an artist would begin performing without acknowledgment an the audience not be cued to the magnificent experience they were about to embrace. Once again it was a void. God knows that Doc Kimbrough cant afford to pay someone like myself to emcee gigs that he almost always loses money presenting ( because to many of y'all are too cheap to pay a cover or even get off the G.D. Couch and go out and support the talent to which we give birth). So, if I'm in the house people now know that I'm willing to introduce the artists (if they are really good and you make sure Boo and I have good seats)

So, I believe it was at Joe Brown park, when I was emceeing a community event and I got to bring up Real Love and they liked what I did so much that I'm now their official emcee. Its not like I needed a job, but these guys are really good, they always bring great musicians, now with horns and a second keyboard, so we call them the Real Love Orchestra.

So this Sunday July 3rd I'll be bringing Real Love and the Real Love Orchestra to the stage at at Sweet Lorraine's, which is quite an honor since the one and only Gralen Banks generally has done the honors and has set quite a standard.

So Real Love and their musicians do classic R&B and recent hits. I believe they take the hits and make them better and I'll bet you will agree. So let all your people know that if they don't have tickets to the Dome Sunday night, there will be a show with world class talent and that New Orleans flavor 8:PM at Sweet Lorraine's Jazz Club... and yes I will be doing my emcee thing and enjoying the music with all who share the experience. If I see you, who knows what I may do. I don't even try to figure that out any more.

Sweet Lorraine's has the following shows leading up to Real Loves culminating performance on Sunday Night, and if I had the time I would be willing to bring up all of these acts, and because I wrote that you should know they are worth investing an evening in their enjoyment.

On Friday July 1st 
Chucky C & Clearly Blue
Amazing talent on Tenor, Alto and Soprano Sax, Flute and Vocals, also funny as hell. 

Time: 9pm & 11pm

Saturday July 2, 2016
Yisreal Trio
Musicianship beyond their years, versatile, talented and enthralling performances, really serious young musicians.

Time: 9pm & 11pm

Sunday July 3, 2016
Real Love
Silky smooth, fabulous harmonics, tight show, amazing musicians

Shows 8pm and 10pm

Sweet Lorraine's Jazz Club
1931 St. Claude Avenue
(504) 945-9654

So, it's my column and I can write what I want to, oh but the next one is going DEEEEEP: Marriage as the foundation of Civilization