A Man Who Inspires People

Lloyd Dennis

This is the serious side of Lloyd Dennis.

It amazes me how people will want something to change and not be willing to change what they are doing about it. My commentary is generally about the self, and one's responsibility to be useful and intentional about oneself. Ultimately, all we can really control is what we do, how we do it and with whom we do it, and whether we use out time or waste it. Everything from social change to better health requires doing something... and usually something different, because it is impossible to improve anything without changing it. God gives us all 24/7. If and how we use it matters. 

This is the fun side of Lloyd Dennis... and his Boo.

"Work Hard & Play Hard!". That's kind of our philosophy in life, and for Boo and me, the "play" part generally involves, travel, music, dancing, food, new experiences and doing those things with fun and lively people. With that outlook on life we feel blessed to live in New Orleans where superlative opportunities of most of the above are affordable and available in abundance.
In our sixties, one day we may not be able to do as much as we do today, but we are paying attention to our health, enjoying food and beverage in moderation and getting exercise in self responsibility to keep the party going hopefully well into our eighties. But in any event, who knows, but when that time comes we will have stories to tell, experiences to relive... like the ones which follow.
This and will be the fun side of my writing which I am calling NOLA Living. We hope our sharing makes this high quality New Orleans Living contagious. We, who life in New Orleans already have what people from all over the world come here to experience, whether to visit or stay. Come on out and see how exciting life can be, right in your own backyard.