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His Way Works! A collection of fun and easy to read lessons about life, love, personal success and fulfillment. An inspiring gift for all young people, but especially powerful for those who lack a father's influence in their lives.
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"...insightful, meaningful, clear and honest. Dr. Phil has nothing compared to the Love Doctor." says Mtuishi. St. Julien, Ex. Dir. New Orleans Finance Authority (after buying copies for each of his children and all of his staff)

"Lloyd Dennis has a no nonsense way of dealing with relationship issues. As I was reading His Way Works, sometimes I laughed out loud and sometimes I murmured ouch. So often we want to sugar-coat issues that we are uncomfortable confronting. Lloyd forces people to take a hard look at their lives and relationships. In essence he encourages men and women to  take charge of their lives and not drift. In the end we are responsible for how we treat others and how we allow ourselves to be treated. God's way does work!", Sally Ann Roberts, News Anchor WWL-TV.
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"As a speaker, Lloyd Dennis is engaging, enlightening and entertaining"

Training Topics:

Winning the Hearts And Minds of Little Men
(Mentoring 101 - getting little boys to envision and cooperate in their own success)

The Three Legs of Personal Success
(clearing the confusion for adolescents and young adults)

Bringing It - Maximizing Relationships
(creating a solid, pleasant and peaceful marriage)

Getting Your Team Behind You
(getting the most from your workforce)

They call him "Love Doctor" for what he writes and teaches about managing personal,  business and workplace relationships. From  youth assemblies to corporate meetings to marriage retreats, Lloyd Dennis is enlightening and entertaining. Perhaps that is why he should be your next motivational speaker.
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Comments About Lloyd's Speaking Engagements

"The girls (nurses) truly enjoyed you and talked about your insight for the rest of the day!!"
Lisa Collins, The McFarland Institute, Congregational Wellness Division 

"You were a Hit! I've heard nothing but your praises since the graduation. Everyone wants you to speak again.... "
William B. House, Director Career Services, Bryman College New Orleans Campus

"Thanks Lloyd. You did exactly what we needed...  you definitely set the right tone for our planning retreat"
Dan Packer, President & CEO Entergy New Orleans

"...insightful, meaningful, clear and honest.  Dr. Phil has nothing compared to the Love Doctor."
Mtuishi. St. Julien, Executive Director New Orleans Finance Authority

"I knew of his work ethic and communication skills, but when I enlisted him as my campaign coordinator, I really didn't realize that Lloyd Dennis was such a team builder and people motivator. He has an uncanny way of helping people focus on the agenda, see their self interest in accepting one another and working toward common goals."
Sherman N. Copelin, Jr., Political and Business Leader.

"Mr Dennis was in my life before they discovered him as the "Love Doctor". He was my photography teacher in high school and I owe my career to what he taught me about photography, and maybe even more to what he taught us about life and getting ahead in life by serving others. I went from operating the processor to store manager and now I've been made manager of the biggest store in the area. I will never forget how one day he stopped by, spent thirty minutes with my staff and helped them all get their attitudes inline with their goals. Mr. D is amazing!"
Shawn McElven, Store Manager, Wolf Camera & Video, Lakeside Shopping Center

"Lloyd has a special way of getting people to see the opportunities in their lives. When he speaks to our clients they realize that he has actually lived through the experiences he relates.  His energetic, down to earth delivery combined with insights that are based on real life experiences makes our program participants and staff hang on his every word, and then leave more aware of their pathways to success."
Cynthia Beaulieu, Executive Director, Women Entrepreneurs for Economic Development

When Lloyd Dennis speaks the value of his varied experiences comes through in a wealth and range of real life anecdotes that when delivered in his humorous and enthusiastic style both entertain and enlighten individuals to the opportunities created by making positive changes in their attitudes and behaviors.

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contact Lloyd Dennis: (504) 400-2829

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