A Man Who Inspires People

Lloyd Dennis


"Lloyd has a special way of getting people to see the opportunities in their lives. When he speaks to our clients they realize that he has actually lived through the experiences he relates.  His energetic, down to earth delivery combined with insights that are based on real life experiences makes our program participants and staff hang on his every word, and then leave more aware of their pathways to success."
Cynthia Beaulieu, Executive Director, Women Entrepreneurs for Economic Development



"As a speaker, Lloyd Dennis is engaging, enlightening and entertaining"


  • Clarity is what Lloyd skillfully creates by connecting the dots in these 45 minute sessions.

  • The Legs of Success

    Over twenty years of presenting to young people, Lloyd Dennis has distilled this message that connects the dots between behavior and success in a way that is undeniable, positive, clear and concise. Clarity about how everyday life and everyday choices add up to enjoying success in life or not. Click here to view a session
  • Manhood 101

    This session clears confusion for boys who are moving into manhood and really don't have a clue about how to handle it. A must for youth who have not had positive responsible male leadership in their lives.
  • Boyology 

    This session on addressing the needs of urban boys helps culturally different and young female educators better understand the forces surrounding adolescent male socialization, increasing the educator's effectiveness and reducing their stress by helping them avoiding escalation in classroom management situations to the benefit of the educator, their institutions and the children in their care.